LEO & Fire Loadout Locations


Download SEM_Loadout either via Direct Download or Github.
Once downloaded extract the files into your server directory

Go to your server.cfg and add start SEM_Loadout then start your server


A lot of SEM_Loadout's features can be modified/changed in the config.lua

Detailed config.lua break down can be found here.

NOTE: If you get an error referencing the config then please make sure that you have used , and {} at the correct places. If you required support, head to our Discord


SEM_Loadout has permissions for each section that can be used if selected in the config.lua.

sem.leo-armoury - Accesses the LEO Armoury
sem.leo-locker - Accesses the LEO Locker
sem.leo-garage - Accesses the LEO Vehicle Garage
sem.leo-deleter - Accesses the LEO Vehicle Deleter
sem.leo-jail - Accesses the LEO Jail Section
sem.fire-loadout - Accesses the Fire Loadout
sem.fire-garage - Accesses the Fire Vehicle Garage
sem.fire-deleter - Accesses the Fire Vehicle Deleter

Need help with Ace Permissions?
Check out this.


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